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Green Christmas Elf Door

Green Christmas Elf Door

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Step into the Christmas spirit with this enchanting Green Christmas Elf Door! Cheerful and inviting, it's the perfect way to bring a sprinkle of Holiday magic to your home. Let wonderment and merriment pass through this elf-approved portal and make all your holiday dreams come true! Knock, knock! Who's there? Santa's elves! 

Of course the Christmas Elves have their own little doors. They are adorned with a cute little snowflake window from which they peek into the world to see what all the kids are up to. Our fairies came up with this design and I promise you that every Christmas Elf loved the design!


This listing is for one green miniature wooden Christmas Elf door. Our fairies and gnomes make every object in our store with lots of love. This door is made from poplar plywood and finished with wood stain, paint and clear lacquer.

Every door comes with a bottle of carefully collected fairy dust and a key.


The size of this green miniature wooden Christmas Elf door is approximately 10 cm x 13 cm (4 inch x 5 1/5 inch).

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